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Optimize Your Job Search/
Make a Career Change
with 1:1 Career Coaching

Whether you desire to start a new career chapter in your current professional path or are ready to explore an alternate career path, you are navigating a career transition. 

A career pivot occurs when you are motivated to move from one professional path to a completely new one. It’s bigger than a simple job change; it’s an entirely new role, usually at a new organization.


Successfully navigating a career transition requires three things. 



Define Your Personal Brand  Distinguish yourself from other highly-qualified professionals. Define what you're like to work with & work for, and what skills & achievements you bring to the organization.



Career Exploration for clarity on what kind of change you are looking for.

                    STEP 3                     

Well-Branded Marketing Materials (resume,  cover letter, LinkedIn profile) to attract the attention of the right hiring executives. 


Interviewing Excellence to articulate your value, clearly communicate the information necessary to make you the candidate of choice, and land the job.

Position yourself for success!

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