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Professional Performance Coaching Series

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I have had the most wonderful experience with Julie. I was referred to her by a colleague at a local Sheriff’s office in Michigan. She has utilized Julie previously. I had retired from Law Enforcement and started a small business but wasn't sure if that was my end goal.

Julie explained that she does career coaching, but to get the most out of the program, she would ask a lot of me with the promise of it being worthwhile. I went ahead and signed on but what I really didn't know at the time was the value I would receive. It was definitely a soul-searching exercise for me as I transitioned out of law enforcement. Julie’s sessions included several pages of homework (questions) that, if answered thoughtfully and thoroughly, would help her to really get to know you. DO NOT take shortcuts. Trust her process!!  

I was completely transparent with the homework and the questions, and although time-consuming really proved to be more than their weight in gold. I recommend that anyone that signs on with Julie to trust her and give your homework everything you have. She is the real deal and more! I was taking a deep look at what makes me tick and gets me out of bed in the morning. We discovered many things together, and I understood that my skill set takes me into many other fields, but only some would suit my personality and involve what I would be the happiest doing. This is incredible career caching. 

Out of nowhere, I had an opportunity to put in for CEO of a non-profit. Julie and I changed courses, and she coached me through the interview process, even coaching me through presentation pointers. Her knowledge was so valuable that she was able to help me understand that the skills I had from law enforcement really do transfer into this position.


In the end, I was selected as the CEO of the non-profit. It doesn't stop there, considering there were some areas of the non-profit that I lacked information on; I had expressed to Julie my worries. Well, guess what?! Julie had CEO performance packages that she offered. Of course, I signed on for 6 months with her. We continue to work together as I am onboarding with this new position. Today, I received a compliment from an organizational leader whom I will be working with who stated that I seemed ready to go and not nervous like she has seen with new leaders in the past.

I wholeheartedly would not have had the confidence, trust, or preparation for this new position had I not been connected with Julie. If you are thinking about a career change, need to change directions, need a resume re-write, or interview preparations or want a performance coach by your side, Julie is the way to go! I cannot say enough.   - C. Kinal



How Best to Recession-Proof Your Career for the Year Ahead?



What is Performance Coaching?

The Secret Weapon to Advance Your Career


Navigating your career has become a merry-go-round of uncertainty over the past few years, and given the current economic outlook, it appears this trend will continue throughout 2023.

Do you want to reduce your career vulnerability?

Do you want to ensure you have a well-crafted plan should the unthinkable happen in the next 12 months?

Are you ready to show company leaders your potential while your co-workers hunker down to wait out the worst?

Do you want to feel secure in the driver's seat of your career versus being at the mercy of your organization's management team?

Do you want to end 2023, having left your current status quo in the dust?


Twelve-Month Professional Performance Coaching Series.


Each month includes a 60-minute 1:1 session that moves you closer to your objectives and unlimited emails to navigate issues and concerns arising between appointments.



Is it worth getting a career coach?

After family and your health, what is more, important than your career?   Don't shortchange yourself when it comes to professional career advice.   Avoiding a layoff, securing a promotion, or getting back to work faster can cover the cost of coaching many times over. 

Performance Coaching is having an unconditionally supportive partner to guide and encourage you to become the best version of your professional self.  Together through this work, we seek to identify areas where your professional performance is strong and how best to capitalize on those areas to remain ahead of any competition.  On the flip side, performance coaching also seeks to identify areas of weakness and then focuses on the extension, development, and improvement of those areas to close any performance gaps that may be holding you back. This type of coaching combines making various positive changes in your thinking and your actions to change your status quo and make identifiable improvements in your professional execution.

The process enhances your self-knowledge through thought-provoking assignments, periods of intentional mindfulness, and subsequent performance coaching sessions to investigate and integrate what you discover along the way.


​​Everyone can benefit from coaching.  My client base is diverse and includes individuals:

​              * From all walks of life, in any industry and at any level in an organization   

              * With purposeful careers and want to continue to grow and succeed

              * Are just getting started on their journey & want a roadmap to ensure success 

              * Are stuck, frustrated, or afraid and need assistance

Prices will never be this low again. 

Sign up now to secure your place in my 12-month coaching program (limited spots available). 

In the week(s) following your purchase and prior to your first session, you will be asked to take time to identify your career coaching objectives.  A customized program will be developed for you to ensure you make great strides in the direction of your dreams. 


I want to see you be brave!

Following your purchase, you will receive a monthly session pre-assignment(s) that when completed and returned, will guide our session discussions and allow us to make the most of each minute.

Don't let another year go by treading water or, worse, getting pulled under by the riptide.  

Be the architect of your career.   Reach out and seize this opportunity to do things differently this year.

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

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Use PayPal Credit at checkout if you are interested in a 6-month interest-free payment plan.

Check Out Some of My 5 Star Reviews

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"Dear Julie,

Just wanted to give you my utmost thanks for being so instrumental in my career journey.  I got the (omit) job today, and I am signing my offer letter tonight!!! 

I will be their Assistant Manager, so there is room to grow.  Their upper management is awesome, their culture is sunny and bright, and the role is a perfect fit for me! 

I am giving my letter of resignation to (omit) on Monday!!  I couldn't be more grateful and elated!!  So again, thank you so truly, for your expertise in my journey.  I couldn't have done it without you!  Onward and upward!!!"   - Karen L

* * * * *

“Julie was wonderful and extremely focused on understanding you and your strengths and challenges.  She worked hard to reflect everything she learned about you in a way that both you and any future manager or employer could see these qualities as highly desirable and marketable traits.   She also crafted my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile which sparkled as a result of her knowledge of how to best present and phrase your life experience and assets so that they stand out.  I had an extremely positive experience with Julie and I look forward to continuing to benefit from her expertise in prepping for my future dream job.

- Alison H

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