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Why You Need a Professional Resume Review

Few years beyond the entry-level position?  Interested in changing careers? Determined to take on your first leadership role?  Are you an executive/senior leader ready to move up the ladder?  If your career has evolved, so, too, should the format and content of your resume.

Share these changes with me, a professional resume-writer so I can determine if your new goals are clear to the reader and supported throughout your resume.


ATS systems, keyword optimization … it's all Greek to you

Most job applications pass through an electronic filter known as an applicant tracking system (or ATS, for short) before they make their way to the hiring manager. If your resume isn't formatted properly or optimized with the right keywords, there's a good chance it won't get past these initial screens.


You're unsure what to include (or remove)

What contact information belongs on your resume? How important is it to include a lead-in section? How far back should your employment history go? Can you include information about classes you've taken or volunteer work you've done?

A professional resume critique could be just what you need to figure out what's missing from your resume and what needs to go.


Your situation is complicated

Perhaps you've been struggling to find steady work in your field for the past few years or your resume has some glaring employment gaps. While you can't change the past, there are some steps you can take to smooth out a bumpy work history. Once you've edited your resume to downplay any shortcomings, request a professional resume critique to see how successful you were at filling in the gaps.


In the end

Don't assume your resume is 'good enough.'


What is a resume review?

A resume review is a service in which a resume professional reviews your resume to find areas that you can improve and provides suggestions to help you maximize the impact your resume has. I will look over your entire resume with the same attention to detail and scrutiny that a potential employer would use. A professional resume review typically includes the following:

  • Proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors

  • Ensure resume length is appropriate for your experience

  • Full content review to ensure content is being maximized

  • Ensure experience and accomplishments are quantified

  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) keyword and formatting compatibility

  • Style, design, tone, and formatting suggestions


Benefits of a resume review

On average, once your resume makes it into the hands of a recruiter or hiring manager they only spend about six seconds reviewing it before they decide whether to contact you for a phone screen or interview. Having a professional resume review completed before you begin sending your resume to recruiters and hiring managers can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Provide free resource to ensure your resume's content and formatting is optimized to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS)

  • Maximize the content, style, and design of your resume to increase your chance of getting a call for an interview

  • Ensure key accomplishments, skills and qualifications are supported and quantified when possible

  • Ensure your resume aligns with current hiring standards and trends

  • Provides an objective review to help you determine what to include and what to cut out of your resume

  • Ensure your resume is scannable and important information can be found quickly

  • Find and correct spelling and grammatical errors



What will YOU need to do?

Submit your completed resume, providing any relevant information that can help ensure suggestions are based on your personal needs. For example, you will provide a copy of a few sample job postings that reflect the type of position you will be utilizing the resume for, as well as a summary of what you are trying to accomplish with your resume. The more relevant information provided, the better I will be able to customize my suggestions to your needs. Don’t worry, you will receive a list of deliverables that need to be returned to start the project.



What to expect from your resume review

I review your resume comprehensively, so you get all the information you need to apply advantageous changes. Feedback topics include:

Style & organization

* Is your resume neat and clearly organized?

* Does the format of your resume effectively show the impact of your achievements?

* Have you included a professional summary to introduce your candidacy?


Writing & mechanics

* Does your resume's writing position you as a professional who will add value to an organization?

* Is the writing clear, easy to understand, and free of mistakes?

* Do you have consistent grammatical tense, tone, and punctuations?


ATS Analysis Resource

* Will the ATS be able to read your resume?

* How does the ATS interpret your experience and skills?

* What industries do you have expertise in?

* Will an ATS mark you as the best fit for the jobs you're targeting?







                                                   Interview Prep  

Make sure your true brilliance comes through in every interview.  If you are getting interviews but not nailing the position,  coaching will help to sharpen your interviewing skills and increase your self-confidence.  


Don't be surprised or horrified by an unexpected question that leaves you stumped.   You have one chance to make a great impression, make sure you are on top of your game.  

I offer a TWO 90-minute session series on Interview Preparation,  that has a 98% success rate of clients nailing that 'critical interview'!  


Session 1 


I will educate you on the handful of categories that the majority of interview questions fall into,  and what specific information the recruiter/interviewer/HR professional is actually attempting to solicit, (it's not always what you think!), and then how you would prepare each of your answers based on your unique background and experience.  We will go through some practice questions so you can see how to apply the framework.  


Session 2

After studying your notes from Session 1 -  I begin to ask you a series of questions you are most likely going to encounter from an HR professional.  You will give me your best answer.  After each question and answer, we will then stop and refine the answer you have provided to be articulate, focused, and relevant. 


This is to simulate an experience and will allow me to provide insight into how you are coming across in the interview and modifications you can make to ensure you are making the best impression during the interview.  I make sure to concentrate on any "trouble' areas I think you may have. I typically see a huge surge in confidence and clarity in answers by the end of this session.


Don't leave any aspect of interviewing to chance.  Together we will prepare you to be confident, articulate, and clear on why you are the person for the job. 


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* Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

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