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DIY Career Transition Products

Discovering Your
Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand is THE way to stand out above your competition in a job search.

This guide assists you in building your personal brand so you can...

  • Find a better job

  • Grow your professional network

  • Position yourself for more professional opportunities

  • Lay the foundation for future success.


Your brand is what separates you from everyone else in the world.

It clearly communicates your value to the world. It is essential for personal development, career advancement, and even establishing yourself as a leader.

Standing out from the crowd is a challenge but gets you noticed and remembered by hiring executives.

Expressing who you are, what you do, how you show up, and why you do it will position you for success and open doors of opportunity.

Branding is rooted in authenticity meaning you need to know yourself – really know yourself by getting to the heart of what makes you “you.” 


Are you stumped at how even to begin?  No worries, 'Discovering Your Personal Brand' is a holistic, step-by-step guide that focuses on key personal branding topics along with powerful questions and exercises that helps you discover "the genius of you"!


Get to the heart of what makes you "you," and create an authentic brand that sets you apart.


  40+-page guide (pdf)


40+-page workbook

Career Exploration -
Connecting to Your
Inner GPS
DIY Course & Workbook

This comprehensive, individualized career exploration program will help you evaluate a wide range of career factors — your personal attributes, talents, aptitudes, interests, values, and more to discover the career that’s the "best" fit for you.

Evaluate what creates success and satisfaction in your career and life. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to transition your strengths to new endeavors


  Online, self-paced 10-module course


35-page workbook

Please note:

This course and workbook align with the 1:1 Career Exploration Coaching Series framework and content but are offered here as a DIY course (without coaching sessions with Julie).  Don't worry; the exercises foster deep introspection and are designed to help you arrive at your own conclusions regarding your "best fit" career.


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