1:1 Entrepreneurial                        Coaching for Startups

Do you want to start your own business but have not idea where to start?  

This economical package has been designed to get you focused on the critical steps required for success as a new small business start-up!

Building a Startup is hard. 


Don’t do it alone.


Building a startup is ridiculously hard.  It takes

new skills, knowledge, and resources at every

stage. I work  with entrepreneurs and founders

to navigate this exciting journey by clarifying

direction, solidifying branding, and overcoming 

challenges and obstacles to building a credible

path towards ambitious goals.


Working with a coach has been shown to increase performance, improve confidence, improve relationships, and increase team effectiveness. My focus is to empower ambitious entrepreneurial talent to drive the implementation of your business idea and ensure long-standing sustainable progress and growth with a well thought out 3-year Strategic Plan.




Hi, I'm Julie! Thanks for checking out my site.  I'd love to learn more

about you via a free consultation! In the meantime, here is a little

blurb about me.

I grew up in Chicago, attending the University of Illinois for my

undergrad and the University of Chicago -  Booth Graduate School

of Business for my MBA. 


Early in my career, I worked for industry giants such as BP Oil, McDonald’s International,  Ameritech/SBC, and Sears handling capital budgets up to $3 billion dollars!  Dissatisfied with the politics encountered at the upper levels of finance within Fortune 100 companies, I moved to the private equity arena and held the role of CFO at two privately held mid-size corporations.  I enjoyed the change to active partner, contributing daily to growing and driving the business forward alongside the respective business owners.  For the final stage of my “finance” career, I transitioned to entrepreneurship, running a CFO-on-Demand startup offering executive-level financial services and small business Strategic Planning services to a large and diverse client base.  


After doing some personal career exploration in 2008, I successfully transitioned out of my “CFO-on-Demand” business and pursued my dream of giving back and providing executive coaching to startup founders and other high potential individuals seeking to advance their careers in a new direction.  This business was started specifically to help shorten the learning curve of those that have and will follow a path similar to mine.


One resource I always yearned for as an entrepreneur was someone I could be honest with and with whom I could talk about anything - not someone who was an investor, a friend, or an employee, but an intelligent, experienced and empathetic individual who would listen and provide me tactical and strategic advice, guide me in functional areas that were unfamiliar to me and help me fulfill my potential.

I have now coached more than 100 startup founders and serve as a coach to individuals looking to make a career pivot or create a career strategic map to achieve their career goals. In a nutshell, I help individuals perform at their best and achieve their dreams.  I hope this breadth of experience will be useful to you, and I look forward to hearing from you!



How it works


Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation and intro call, where I can learn more about your journey and you can learn more about my services and the Entrepreneurial Coaching for Startups Series.




Personalized One-On-One Guidance and Expert Coaching -  Entrepreneurial Coaching for Startups  $750

  • 5 personalized 90-minute coaching sessions – self-paced and confidential (all services offered remotely)

  • Focused pre-assignment exercises for completion prior to our working session

  • Connecting 1:1 for each coaching session, I will provide customized coaching to clarify direction, solidify branding, and breakthrough challenges and obstacles.

  • You will experience on-going assignment feedback and collaborative brainstorming that focuses on learning, decision-making, and creating a robust, focused 3-year Strategic Plan for your startup that will drive the quickest forward momentum.

  • Unlimited email contact



Upon completion of either series (BASIC or PREMIUM), you will have a strong sense of the viability of your idea, and a completed Strategic Plan that identifies the milestones and initiatives required to ensure the success of your venture.



Entrepreneurial Coaching for Startups Series Outline


Module 1:

Mission, Vision, Values, Priorities, and Target Audience


  • Create Your Mission Statement

  • Define Your Vision

  • Articulate the Values That Will Guide Your Growth and Success

  • Define Your Priorities

  • Define Your Target Audience

  • Identify Your Supporters

Module 2: 

Branding and Establishing Credibility


  •  Branding Your Business

                                         Brand Vision,  Brand Position,  Brand Promise

  • Establishing Credibility

                                         Reasons to Believe, Brand Story,  Brand Essence

  • How to Build a Brand

                                        Determine Your Brand’s Target Audience

                                        Competitive Analysis

                                        Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Create a brand logo and tagline

  • Build a brand message and elevator pitch

  • Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business


Module 3:



  • Explore Creative and Proven Ways to Monetize Your Business


Module 4:

Building a 3-Year Strategic Plan


  • The Advantage of Strategic Growth Planning

  • Building Your Strategic Plan

  • Articulating Your Vision for the Company 

  • Identify Your Strategy to Compete

  • Developing Objectives/Goals/Milestones

  • Developing Initiatives/Specific Actions  

  • Identify timing and resources

  • Review feasibility

  • Considerations for Plan for Implementation


BONUS:  Business Essentials for a Startup



I have helped build hundreds of effective, adaptable plans ensuring founders go from an exciting idea to a thriving startup.  I am set up for virtual coaching, with all work done by phone/email. It’s business as usual for me & I will help you get back to business as usual too.



The Coaching for Startups Advantage


Through my Entrepreneurial Startup coaching series, you will receive…


  • Clarity on what success looks like

  • Help building an actionable, motivational plan to get there

  • Guidance to develop actionable plans to achieve stretch goals

  • Identification and removal of roadblocks, allowing you to overcome challenges along the way.

  • Assistance to keep high-level goals in focus without getting bogged down in the day-to-day

  • Counseling to build momentum with ideas and goals translated into actionable, accountable steps

  • Knowledge sharing and encouragement to help you land on your “ah-ha” moments


Entrepreneurial Coaching enables startup founders to:

  • Follow best practice and emulate the behaviors of successful founders  (why recreate the wheel or fly by the seat of your pants)

  • Identify and avoid costly mistakes

  • Identify strategies to help your startup avoid difficult times

  • Get honest and actionable feedback on your idea, your business model, and your customer acquisition strategy.


Why work with me?  I…

  • Guide you through the process with empathy and expertise.

  • Specialize in creating peace of mind for startup entrepreneurs

  • Speak plain English and think in concrete terms

  • Move quickly, stay on plan, and am cost-effective

  • Teach you how to use tools that clarify your direction and keep you focused on the right things

  • Leave you optimistic about your future

  • Instill in you, the confidence to get there

  • Love what I do!!


My experience with entrepreneurs/founders includes service as a coach, mentor, advisory board member, or director. I’ve observed that many of the most successful startups have tapped into the experience of a coach to ensure the foundation on which their company is built is solid. Conversely, many startup failures are caused by founding entrepreneurs jump-starting a launch without building the foundation upon which everything will rest and thus making predictable (and avoidable) mistakes due to lack of quality guidance. Learning by trial-and-error is exhausting and stressful.


Ensure the highest probability of success for your Startup by scheduling a free consultation.