Interview Prep  

Make sure your true brilliance comes through in every interview.  If you are getting interviews but not nailing the position,  coaching will help to sharpen your interviewing skills and increase your self-confidence.  


Don't be surprised or horrified by an unexpected question that leaves you stumped.   You have one chance to make a great impression, make sure you are on top of your game.  

I offer a TWO 90-minute sessions series on Interview Preparation,  and have 98% success rate of clients nailing that 'critical interview'!  


 Session 1 -  I will educate you on the handful of categories that the majority of interview questions fall into,  and what specific information the recruiter/interviewer/HR professional is actually attempting to solicit, (its not always what you think!)  and then how you would prepare each of your answers based on your unique background and experience.  We will go through some practice questions so you can see how to apply the framework.  


 Session 2 -  After studying your notes from Sessions 1 -  I begin to ask you a series of questions you are most likely going to encounter from an HR professional.  You will give me your best answer.  After each question and answer, we will then stop and refine the answer you have provided to be articulate, focused and relevant.  This is to simulate an actual experience and will allow me to provide insight into how you are coming across in the interview and modifications you can make to ensure you are making the best impression during the interview.  I make sure to concentrate on any "trouble' areas I think you may have. I typically see a huge surge in confidence and clarity in answers by the end of this session.


Don't leave any aspect of interviewing to chance.  Together we will prepare you to be confident, articulate and clear on why you are the person for the job. 



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