COVID Crisis - A Time to Reflect, Internal Whispers That Indicate You Need A Career Change

A career change often is a result of reflection, and as incredibly tough as they are, a crisis provides an opportunity to reflect. You may have been considering a career change for a while, or perhaps, the thought is in light of a current layoff or furlough. In this time of uncertainty, you'll want to focus on gaining clarity on the right career path and company and A) really understand how your skills set you apart as well as B) how you can fully utilize them to meet an employer's current and future needs.

You'll also want to employ a job search strategy that incorporates a revised resume to reflect both A) and B) to gain traction with potential employers. As you spend time thinking about and reflecting on what's next for you, rest assured that if the following phrases have often repeated in your mind, it’s likely time for a career change.

The work I do is boring.

Boredom on the job can be a temporary feeling or something that consistent challenges you until you make a job or industry change. Major drivers of work boredom include:

  • You're not regularly using your top skills

  • You need a change of environment

  • You're struggling to see the meaning behind your work

  • Your work doesn't mentally stimulate you as much as it used to

  • You've had a change in values and are no longer aligned with your work

Boredom isn't necessarily a bad thing if it leads to change, but in the interim, it can cause you to feel detached, disengaged, under-employed, and, in some cases, stressed. Each of these outcomes affects your performance levels and threatens your job security.

I make great money, but …

  • I'd rather do something that’s fulfilling.

  • I've always wanted to ...

  • I have a safety net, so that isn't as important to me.

  • I want to get more out of my career on a personal level.

Money is not a sufficient reward for lasting happiness in the workplace. Any organization that makes you feel like you should be happy because you're getting paid well is showing signs of a toxic workplace. Being driven by intrinsic motivation will elevate your performance and is a sound way to develop in your career.

Beyond money, there are many other non-financial aspects to negotiate. Being clear on your values and goals can help you pick the right things to negotiate and have the confidence to ask.

If it weren’t for (reasons listed below), I would . . .

  • The security that my job brings

  • The years I've invested

  • Not having the time and energy to figure out how to rebrand myself

Being in a job that doesn't fulfill us is common. Current statistics show

· 44% are in mediocre jobs

· 40% are in good jobs

· 16% are in bad jobs

We all evolve over time. We are not the same professional that we were 10 or even 5 years ago. It is important to honor that evolution and take the time for some introspective work. A Career Exploration Process can help you identify how to identify and utilize your unique skill set in a role that fully engages you and stops the internal whispers.

Although the economy is unprecedented, you don't have to give up on your dreams, and you don't need to let fear stop you from doing something new. Fear is what kills dreams, not your capabilities.

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