Shine Bright In This Fiercely Competitive Job Market

The pandemic has millions of talented people suddenly out of work. If one of them is you, remember you have two areas in which you can compete – submitting an outstanding resume and knocking the interview out of the park.

A significant portion of current job seekers are utilizing a professional resume writer and/or Career Coach to ensure . . .

1. Their resume articulates their VALUE and not just their job responsibilities

One of the biggest problems people make when writing s resume is not including specific metrics or achievements. Subjective terms and clichés are seen as negative because they don’t convey real information. Saying you are ‘results-driven’ without articulating those results in the narrative of your resume is pointless.

It is absolutely important to highlight the specifics of your role, however, if you're only highlighting the job description and not your achievements, your resume will not be as effective as it could be.

2. Their resume clearly showcases this VALUE in a glance.

Because hiring managers are being inundated with hundreds and hundreds of resumes and they give each one a 30-second review before placing it the short stack for further review, or the larger stack of resumes they are passed on.

Writing about yourself if tough. Engaging a professional resume writer that can translate your ideas into easily digestible content is worth every penny.

3. Their Interview Skills are top-notch

Once you secure an interview, you must communicate your VALUE when you answer every question, because you simply don’t know how many chances/questions you will have.

The structure of your answers need to be memorable, engaging, and needs to provide the exact information the interviewer is seeking. Connecting with a Career Coach for Interview Prep will help you to understand what the interviewer is “really” asking despite what way they phrase the question.

Contact me today, and together we will ensure you are competing at the top of your game.

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