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Career Pathfinder Abridged DIY:  Start Date Mar 15, 2023

This program is an abridged DIY format (of the Career Pathfinder Comprehensive Hybrid Program) offering 5 modules of content to guide your career exploration.


It is designed to concentrate on the fundamental aspects of the career pathfinding process.  

​You will be guided to evaluate a wide range of career factors, including your talents, aptitudes, interests, values, desired impact, and more -  to discover the career that’s the right fit for you.


You will be asked to vastly increase your introspection and self-reflection to discover the essence of who you are. It requires focus, commitment, and a willingness to suspend your current beliefs around what is possible and what is feasible for you. Living with purpose forces you outside your comfort zone to take risks and achieve meaningful goals that grow your confidence. Discover what you're truly capable of achieving.



* * * * * - Melissa T

“Julie was great to work with...when I was laid off after 24 years with the same company... it helped me really nail down what I wanted from a new job and life in general...I've never been good at self-promotion, so working with her was key for me to be able to verbalize all my skills and how they translate across industries...She's down-to-earth and real...honest and supportive.. I feel I made the right decision hiring her and actually already recommended her to several friends and former co-workers."



* * * * * - Sara W

“Julie was wonderful! She really helped me figure out more about myself and which direction I should move in career-wise. She spoke the truth in a kind way - but in a way that was super helpful! I am so grateful for her guidance and help during this time in my life!"



      Career Pathfinder Abridged DIY: Start Date Mar 15, 2023

      • o This is a self-paced series comprised of five modules.

        o ​The client will receive an instructional video and accompanying post-video independent exercises for each module delivered via email.  Modules 1-3 video links, and digital files will be sent on the start date of their purchased program.   Modules 4-5 video links and digital files will be emailed 1 week after purchase.   All exercises for a given Module should be completed before moving on to the next.

        o The client can move as fast or as slowly through the sessions as they wish,  and email support is available for questions regarding the process. 


        How does it work?

        You will receive a link to download the "Next Steps" digital file on the thank you page following checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.   

        The digital files include:

        • Next steps 
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