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LinkedIn Profile Update - Late-Career

For professionals with > 15 years of experience


The goal of a LinkedIn profile within the realm of job searching is


  • To get your profile seen by more people
  • To expand on your Personal Brand introduced in your resume
  • To continue and add to the narrative established in your resume



Your resume is a very concise reflection of your personal brand and your career accomplishments. The real estate for each word on a resume is very expensive. Every word has to count to keep your page count reasonable.  


LinkedIn is a social media platform, so the format and tone of the writing are less formal and allow further exploration of your brand in a way that will enable the reader to feel like they know you.


Headline, “About,” Job Titles, Skills, etc., are fantastic places to optimize your profile with keywords consistent with your brand to elevate your LinkedIn search rankings.


Everyone needs a LinkedIn profile. As a professional, it indicates at a minimum that you understand the importance of networking. If you are over 40, the absence of a good LinkedIn profile can send an additional unintended message to potential employers that you are not technology savvy.


A great branded resume and optimized LinkedIn profile are fantastic tools to accelerate your journey to find a new job or pivot to a new career.  

LinkedIn Profile Update - Late-Career

  • LinkedIn Profile letter writing services are offered as an add-on to a Resume Creation purchase.  

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