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Petrina teRiele, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Global HR Specialist, Middlebury College
October 13, 2020, Petrina was a client of Julie’s

Julie Delgado was a pleasure to work with! More importantly, she did a wonderful job of greatly improving my resume! She was very quick, efficient, and creative. I highly recommend Julie for updating your resume.

Mary Ann Teal
Diabetes Care Specialist at IQVIA
October 12, 2020, Mary Ann was a client of Julie’s


I have done 1 session with Julie so far, the second is later this week. I am very impressed with her insight. She has already helped me connect some dots about myself and some of my career choices. The "homework" she gives has forced me to look at myself in a way I hadn't before. I really look forward to working through this process with her! See less

Roberta Haney-Jones MS CT CA
Victim Rights Professional
October 12, 2020, Roberta was a client of Julie’s

Julie worked with me and learned all about my field before writing my resume and cover letter. Thanks to her I found a great job with amazing people! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Meghan Mullen
Value Add Account Manager at Apex Industrial Automation
October 11, 2020, Meghan was a client of Julie’s

I started working with Julie almost one year ago, and she has been phenomenal. I planned on just having a resume made, but I have been given far more than just that. Julie has provided me with invaluable job coaching exercises that have helped me realize what I am seeking to achieve. I did not expect this to be a part of the process, but I am so glad it has been. Julie truly listens to you and cares about helping you achieve your ultimate goals. Some of the work has been hard but it has been very eye-opening for me and I am so grateful I have been able to work with Julie. I have the best resume I have ever had in my whole career and have gained a tremendous ally in the process. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Julie! See less

Ed Levitt
Car Broker
October 8, 2020, Ed was a client of Julie’s


Julie has a rare balance to be a highly-skilled writer and coach. And at the same time, be heartfelt and genuine. She uses all of her business, creative and marketing tools to assist you in a desire to take yourself to the next level or in a different direction. Highly skilled, caring, and talented. She is a very valuable asset to have on the road to making a difference in your life. See less

Kurt Dennis
General Manager at Wapak Ford, LLC.
October 6, 2020, Kurt was a client of Julie’s

I have not interviewed in many years and needed a one-time consult for specific issues. Julie knew her stuff and gave me some suggestions on how to overcome those issues during job interviews. Julie has the experience and professionalism to help out job seekers in this current tough market! Kurt Dennis

James Histed
Yoga Instructor
October 5, 2020, James was a client of Julie’s


Julie is fabulous! When I hired Julie as a coach she not only illustrated the importance of building a strong and dependable brand that was true to me and my vision, she also taught me how to do it. The lessons she incorporated between our sessions helped me flush out all the important details needed to start my new Virtual Yoga Business, She also helped me make a plan that will still make sense in the coming years as my business begins to sustainably grow. Hiring Julie was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and I certainly recommend her when you are trying to plan out a successful new business venture. See less

Anthony Farrenkopf
Claims Representative at Generali Global Assistance North America!
October 3, 2020, Anthony was a client of Julie’s

Julie is someone who brings to mind—a master of acing the interview and pushing people to realize their passions in obtaining their targeted job. When I first worked with her, she looked over my resume and analyzed my strengths to find out what would make me stand out as a strong candidate. She makes a compelling point to be memorable and persuaded me to make that personal connection with the interviewer. Brimming with my newly founded confidence, I demonstrated the techniques Julie advised and within a little time, I landed my current position! Without her guidance, I would not have improved to the level I am at today. Julie is the kind of person that can envision your potential without you realizing it. I am grateful to have found her and advise others in need of interviewing help to use her services! See less

Emily Wagnon
October 3, 2020, Emily was a client of Julie’s

I was having issues finding work right out of college. I thought that it might have been my resume so I had Julie rewrite it. Thanks to her I found a job and have been here almost a year now.

Chynel Buster
Claims Adjuster at Allstate Insurance
October 2, 2020, Chynel was a client of Julie’s

Julie was really great at helping me figure out what my passions are and connecting it to a successful career! Would definitely recommend!

Beth Lopez
Marketing Coordinator at PHOENIX | OMCP™ Certified
October 1, 2020, Beth was a client of Julie’s

Julie is an excellent resource for any professional that is looking to move their career to the next level. Julie helped me revamp my resume and gave excellent recommendations on what skills and experience should be highlighted. She’s an excellent writer and paid special attention to details such as layout and styling that I felt allowed my resume to stand out as polished and professional. See less

Brian Miner
Student Services Counselor at GCU; MBA
September 29, 2020, Brian was a client of Julie’s

It truly has been a fantastic experience in every way working with Julie on discovering my new career path. Discovering the right career path for me has been a life long struggle until I started working with Julie. I have been amazed at how insightful and thorough she is as she takes a holistic approach to discovering what makes me tick as a person to then translate that into what makes me tick in my career. Julie is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about me achieving my goals and uses her extensive career experience and expertise to help every step of the way. I would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone. See less

Eileen Levitan
Lead Designer at WorkSpace Home Office Designs
September 29, 2020, Eileen was a client of Julie’s

I signed on with Julie last March, and when I look at how much has happened since as a direct result of our coaching relationship, I am in disbelief. I have gone from feeling trapped and depressed in a job that no longer met my needs to feel invigorated and inspired as I get ready to launch my own business. I had interviewed a number of coaches and ultimately chose Julie for her business savvy, candor, and positivity, and because in our initial phone conversation I just felt like we clicked. Our first call covered a lot of ground, and I was impressed when she emailed me the next day with a recap of the conversation, showing me how close she had been listening. The first homework assignment had me dig deep into my past, looking for patterns and evidence as to what makes me tick. It was in this process, not one week in, that I had an ah-ha moment that set the course for this new entrepreneurial venture. It all became so immediately clear, so obvious, that I hit the ground running and never looked back. My work with Julie pivoted from career exploration to how to set up a business. I cannot overstate how invaluable she has been to me in this process. She got helped me envision my ideal customer; discussed marketing and branding; provided insights on pricing my services; and so much more. Stepping out on my own was scary, but her encouragement made me believe in myself and my plan. Rather than depressed, I feel alive again and excited about the future. My highest recommendation. See less

Amirah Raveneau-Bey
Founder | Start Up Executive | Strategy & Execution | Sales, Customer Success, GTM Operations
September 28, 2020, Amirah was a client of Julie’s

A friend of mine recommended her great experience with Julie and she was right. Julie has amazing insight to quickly understand a situation and help give some potential options. She was also really helpful in helping me uncover some previous goals that seemed appropriate for me to redefine in my career. Julie is a great coach and her extensive career contributes to her amazing talent to help others really navigate their own. Thanks for being a great partner for me. See less

Brien McHale
Vice President, Business Analysis and Reporting Manager, F&BM, CB, CAO at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
September 28, 2020, Brien was a client of Julie’s

Julie assisted me in revamping my resume. Since I had graduated college, and it had been 10 years I never really redid in its entirety, but just added positions chronologically. Julie’s process allowed me to better tailor my resume for positions I was applying for, and she was extremely responsive in the process. After my resume was completed, I landed multiple interviews and had a new more senior role in 90 days. I strongly recommend Julie and will use her in the future. See less

Corey Kaplan
National Director Of Diagnostics
September 23, 2020, Corey was a client of Julie’s

Being in an established Senior Leadership position for over a decade I wasn't used to having to navigate a career search. I found Julie's expertise, insight, thoroughness, and products "tools in my arsenal" that I would not want to be without as I begin my search in today's employment climate. Corey K., Chicago

Sal Conte
September 21, 2020, Sal was a client of Julie’s

I feel privileged to recommend Julie Delgado of Unlimited Potential and consider myself fortunate to have met Julie a little over a year ago. After running my own company for 30+ years and deciding on a career change, I entered the "resume" world with a great deal of anxiety. Julie made the transition process much easier for me and was always there when I needed her. I feel confident in saying that she will not disappoint you; if anything, she will add direction and value to your life. She is very flexible to work with and her turnaround time is very reasonable. See less

Heather Smith
Human Resource Manager at Cast Products, Inc.
June 23, 2009, Heather reported directly to Julie

Heather Smith Human Resource Manager Cast Products, Inc. 4200 North Nordica Norridge, IL. 60706 June 23, 2009, To whom it may concern: I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Julie Delgado. Julie worked with me in the Accounting Department at Action Bag Company for 4 years. She began there as a Controller and was promoted to CFO in a matter of months. During Julie's service with us, I admired her for her many valuable qualities and regarded her with evermore respect. Very goal-oriented as well as a team player,

Julie was always punctual, yet easygoing. She was keenly devoted to her work but being a real people person, she was also enjoyable to be around. Julie demonstrated from early in her tenure that she understood what business is all about. She was well organized and thrived under adversity. She was quite aware of the bottom line and had a knack for recognizing and eliminating waste. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as she was, efficient by nature. Julie is available for new challenges only because of her desire to learn and grow further. We would have loved to see her stay, but certainly, understand her need to advance beyond the positions we had available. In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Julie Delgado for any position she may desire within your company. I feel confident she would be an asset to any organization. Sincerely, Heather Smith, Human Resource Manager See less

Lee Singer
June 23, 2009, Lee was a client of Julie’s

Julie is very focused on bringing credible information to management so as to make informed business decisions. She is always thinking of better ways to increase the bottom line and seeks to maximize Company resources.

Bobbi Jo Celli
VP - Education Services/Sales at FYI International
May 4, 2009, Julie worked with Bobbi Jo in the same group

Julie is a very talented and distinctively caring and goal-driven manager with a mature emotional intelligence. She holds herself and her staff to the highest ethical standards and her integrity is without question. I wouldn't hesitate to engage Julie in any business partnership as she is highly trustworthy and exceptionally productive. See less
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