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Meet Julie
Career Strategist


Entrepreneurial Startup Coach

Unlimited Potential with Julie Rose is dedicated to helping you identify a life/career path that honors their personal and professional evolution. Learn how to conquer fear, uncertainty, and procrastination, and align your personal & professional goals and contributions with your values, motivations, and definitions of success.   

Empowerment is powerful.

Achievement will become a habit.

Success will become a way of life.

You will become the designer and creator of your future.

I am a career/life change strategist & coach passionate about inspiring and empowering clients through one-on-one counseling to deal positively with the potentially overwhelming prospect of a life/career change. Find your purpose! Live with intent!

It's 100% possible to transition from unemployment, an unfulfilling job, personal/professional roadblocks, or situations of uncertainty and burnout to an ideal life & career path that aligns with your unique unlimited potential. ​​Coaching helps you identify and move past life's obstacles to understand how strong and capable you truly are and create your life & career by design. 

If you desire life/career clarity and happiness, you can move mountains with an open mind, a fearlessness of spirit, and the right strategy!

Julie Delgado Career Coach

* * * * *

“It truly has been a fantastic experience in every way working with Julie on discovering my new career path. Discovering the right career path for me has been a lifelong struggle until I started working with Julie. I have been amazed at how insightful and thorough she is as she takes a holistic approach to discovering what makes me tick as a person to then translate that into what makes me tick in my career. Julie is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about me achieving my goals and uses her extensive career experience and expertise to help every step of the way. I would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone.”

- Brian Miner

* * * * *

“I have met with Julie Delgado many times. I started off questioning myself: decisions I made at work, second-guessing things I said, not understanding how others saw me and how I didn't see myself the same way. I was confused, stressed, and frustrated. Julie was kind, easy to talk to, and great at explaining what was truly happening in the situation. It allowed me to change my approach to situations and regain my confidence. It's been a year and things have completely turned around. Thank you Julie for your directness that allowed me to move forward and grow.”

- Darla Johnson

* * * * *

“Julie truly helped me see my potential and recognize that my career success is not only possible, but I am worthy of it. She is absolutely a master of drawing out the best parts of your success and teaching you how to apply them as a springboard into your future. I couldn't have asked for a more qualified expert to work with!”

- Robin Rutherford

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