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Strategic Career Planning

written down with a date
becomes a GOAL

broken down into steps
becomes a PLAN

backed by ACTION
makes your
dreams come true.

 - Greg Reid

* * * * *

“Through my work with Julie, I was able to understand the long arc of my professional career in a new way. We explored aspects of my personal and professional life and recognized patterns and commonalities that helped me solidify how I wanted to move forward. She encouraged me and inspired me to become the best version of myself by reminding of the things I am most passionate about. In the end, she helped assemble all of my seemingly disconnected passions and interests into something powerful and whole. I'll be forever grateful. Her pricing is a real value, too, as far as I'm concerned!”

– Charles F.

"The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

What is Strategic Career Planning

Strategic Career Planning is a four 60-minute session series that helps navigate the process of identifying your career goals, crafting a strategy to reach those goals, and developing a roadmap comprised of action steps and milestones. 

EXPAND Your Self-Knowledge & GROW Your Value

DESIGN a Roadmap & CREATE Opportunities

ACHIEVE Your Goals

This work requires serious thought and energy. Collecting information about all your options can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage while fulfilling your current professional commitments. It can also be an emotional roller coaster, an ever-changing blend of exhilaration, disappointment, anxiety, and hope.

Take heart! There is a process that keeps you moving steadily forward despite these challenges.

Strategic career planning is essential for career development. The process ensures you remain focused and engaged,

are prepared for any challenges, and incorporate a customized strategy when evaluating opportunities or next steps.

The framework outlined below identifies the phases of a career development cycle that leads to

the pursuit of a satisfying career.


I help clients get in the driver’s seat of their career by focusing on

how they can instead of why they can't.

This series allows you to see yourself, your career/role, and the world

differently and empowers you to move tirelessly towards change — every day.

Loss of control is the primary cause of your frustration, distress, and pain.

Take your power back and become the architect of your career and life.

Your feelings of being stuck, trapped, or dissatisfied

will begin to disintegrate when you decide

change is possible, and commit to it.

Get unstuck and start moving forward again!

This strategic career planning series helps you identify your desired career trajectory and next steps to create more opportunities that are right for you. Life is unpredictable and loves to throw curveballs, often offering unexpected opportunities. Your career strategy will help you evaluate these opportunities to determine if they align with your career goals. A career strategy breaks the cycle of jumping ahead blindly with no idea what may be around each turn and allows you to explore how things will play out over time before saying yes or no.

Pricing $599 

Understand what you want,

believe that you deserve it,

and be bold enough

to step up and claim it.

It will take courage, hard work,

focus, and commitment

to affect the change you desire

but designing your journey

will be empowering, fulfilling, and challenging.

* * * * *

"I was unsure what to expect in working with a career coach.  Julie has proven to be the perfect resource for helping me focus and get unstuck.  She helped me learn from my past and has helped me see a path moving forward based on my strengths.  I can't say enough good things about working with Julie"

– Chris L.

* * * * *

“When I decided to work with a job coach I had a vague idea about my needs as a professional in the midst of a career change.  Julie really took the time and helped me dig deep to really understand my career path and my strengths.  Not only did she help me see how valuable I was as an employee but she gave me spectacular advice that I could apply to all areas of my life.  I highly recommend Julie for anyone wanting to maximize their individual potential.” 

- Wendy F

* * * * *

“This was a fantastic experience for me.  Months later I'm still enthralled with the time I spent with Julie.  It has driven me to new decisions and a path forward where I know I'll spend my days doing work that makes me happy.”

– Linda S.

A career strategy deepens your understanding that career decisions should not be viewed as one-time events but as a step in your life-long career development. By completing this educational series, you will master the tools necessary to manage your career over a lifetime by cycling through the process as you evolve personally and professionally.

Strategic Career Planning Series

EXPAND Your Self-Knowledge

Explore YOUR unique skill matrix. If you can’t name it, you can’t claim it.


BOOST Your Professional Value

Identify what skills you need to strengthen or acquire

Uncover avenues to showcase your value and gain valuable experience



Discover how to communicate your value in a compelling way

Sum up what you have accomplished in a way that is meaning for your boss


CREATE Opportunities

Position yourself for a promotion or a great year-end performance review

Learn how to effectively manage up


DESIGN a Roadmap

Create a step-by-step plan to take you from where you are today to where you want to go.

Pricing $599

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