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Interview Preparation

"When consulting with potential clients they often as about the "success rate" of my client landing jobs after working with me.  Once career direction clarity is achieved from the Career Exploration series, branding marketing materials are created, and the Interview Prep series is complete it is in their hands as they head into interviews.  Clients who excel in job interviews are the ones who prepare.  They are intentional about crafting their answers, designing their examples, and above all, they practice." - Julie 

Interview Prep Series
TWO 90-Minute Sessions 

Most interviewers decide a candidate’s suitability for the job within minutes of starting the interview.  You need to make a strong, positive first impression; it’s a must. You need to connect with the interviewer and be memorable — for all the right reasons.

The Interview Prep Series includes two modules.  Each module starts with  DIY materials and consists of a 90-minute one-on-one coaching call scheduled at the client’s discretion.  The one-on-one interview training is catered around a client’s specific job ad to optimize their preparation.

Your takeaways will include:

​>>  Custom strategies to interview like a pro.

​>> Detailed plan to prepare you for any interview questions. 

​>> Methods to interpret what your interviewer is thinking and use it to your advantage.

​>> How to transform average responses into impactful accounts that reveal your expertise and true worth.


Included:  DIY prep materials and 3 hours of coaching (two 90-minute sessions) scheduled at the client’s discretion

Timeliness:  1:1 interview coaching can be scheduled within two days of purchase, depending on availability

Job-Interview-Success with Unlimited Potential with Julie Rose

Module 1

>> Evaluation of your past interview experiences, what went well vs. what needs work. 

>> Identification of your competitive differentiators and how those unique career characteristics relieve the hiring company's pain points.

>> Development of interviewing strategy for effectively presenting your strengths and describing how you uniquely add value. ​

>> Education on being memorable and standing out in the interview process – using storytelling.​

>> Additionally, we discuss how interviews work from the employer's point of view and how to use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Module 2

>> Mock Interview, including a series of questions you will most likely encounter during your interview based on your target position and/or industry.

>> Refine your answers to be articulate, focused, and relevant based on your unique background and experience. 

>> Actual interview simulation provides immediate insight into how you present in an interview and teaches modifications you can make to ensure you are making your best impression.

>> Focus is given to any "areas of concern" you have identified so that you are confident about every aspect of the interview.

​>> Suggested questions to ask an interviewer to solicit valuable information you will need to decide between job offers.

Check Out Some of My 5 Star Reviews

* * * * *

“Julie is someone who brings to mind—a master of acing the interview and pushing people to realize their passions in obtaining their targeted job. When I first worked with her, she looked over my resume and analyzed my strengths to find out what would make me a standout as a strong candidate. She makes a compelling point to be memorable and persuaded me to make that personal connection with the interviewer. Brimming with my newly founded confidence, I demonstrated the techniques Julie advised and within little time, I landed my current position! Without her guidance, I would not have improved to the level I am at today. Julie is the kind of person that can envision your potential without you realizing it. I am grateful to have found her and advise others in need of interviewing help to use her services!” – Anthony Farrenkopf

* * * * *

"I have to say this was the best interview I have ever have!! I was very confident and sure of myself. I did get the position I was applying for, and I am so happy. Thank you, Julie, for giving me the confidence to be me in the interview!" – Joy M.

* * * * *

“Julie could not have been more helpful in my interview preparation. She was thorough and thoughtful. She helped me think through the various aspects of the position and how to be best articulate my strengths and experiences. I'm so glad I found Julie--I've already recommended her to many of my friends! Thanks, Julie!”  Erica F

* * * * *

“The second story equally worth sharing is an interview I had with a temporary agency representative that I was not on the best of terms...She probed my work history, and I did well with that. In short, based upon the quality of my answers to her questions, she bumped me up to a different position with better responsibilities and compensation and told me she would present me to her newly selected business client with a range higher than the initial job I applied to over the website. She told me she wanted to stay competitive given my goals and skills. A half-hour later, she emailed me with a confirmation email... telling me... she submitted me with... compensation which was the top end of the range... . She reflected and realized she better shoot high with me! I am very happy with the results of our working together. I am looking forward to our next preparation session.” – David Harden

Interview Prep Reviews
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