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Personal Brand Development with Unlimited Potential with Julie Rose
Julie - Defining Your Personal Brand
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Your personal brand is how you 'show up' in the workplace.  It is the combination of your unique skill matrix, experience, and personality that you want the world to see. Personal branding differentiates you from everyone with a similar educational background or career history.

If you ignore your personal brand, it can develop organically, possibly chaotically, and potentially beyond your control.  Social media ensures you cannot stay anonymous, so stay in control and be the creator of your image.  Better to formulate and articulate your personal brand, so you are depicted as you want to be versus a persona derived from others' uninformed perspectives.  

What is Your Personal Brand?

  • What values do you incorporate into how you live your life?​

  • How are you different from 'every other candidate' with a similar job title?

  • What do you want people to say about you when you’re not there?

Defining Your Personal Brand

Why Would You Want a Personal Brand?

​The ROI for this process is enormous no matter where you are in your career lifecycle - starting your career, midway through, or eyeing retirement. Articulating what you're 'about' helps craft your unique selling point and how you are known amongst your wider professional community. 


Your brand communicates your value to the world and plays a critical role in personal development, career advancement, and recognition as a leader.  Position yourself for success and open doors of opportunity by expressing who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Suppose you can define what you bring to the table.  Then you can articulate that value to current and potential employers, circumventing the risk of letting them describe it in some arbitrary, possibly detrimental, way.  It makes hiring managers feel like they "know" you better, which enables you to build rapport and trust quickly and become the candidate of choice.

Your brand is your reputation.  It is your "marketing message."  It is the combination of personal attributes, skills, values, strengths, passions,  knowledge base, and experience that comprise your unique promise of value to

 hiring managers. It's instrumental in spotlighting your "softer" skills so employers can determine if you are the best fit for their organization.

Get clear on your most valuable qualities and characteristics, and then integrate your value proposition into everything you do. Communicate a crystal clear, consistent narrative– designed to resonate with your target audience.

After completing the "branding" assessment, use the information to create a tangible marketing message to use when creating your resume, LinkedIn profile, bio, and online profiles.


When hiring managers are flooded with resumes, candidates with a resume that moves the needle from "I think he/she can do the job" to "Ah! I want to work with someone like him/her" get the interviews. People hire people they like - your brand helps them assess your fit.


Today's job market is a very noisy, competitive environment.  Standing out from hundreds of candidates is a challenge; therefore, articulating a personal 'brand' allows us to be noticed and remembered by hiring managers and executives.

How Does Your Personal Brand Relate To Your Job Search?

  • Find a "better" job where you are appreciated and valued, appropriately compensated, and the work helps you contribute in a way that is meaningful to you.

  • Grow your professional network and increase your exposure to more professional opportunities that align perfectly with how you are built.

  • Lay the foundation for future success.


Getting clear on your brand requires focused introspection. The powerful questions and exercises in this guide and accompanying workbook help you clarify your brand's authentic traits.

It's time to connect with the people and companies

you want to be associated with and secure the roles that align with how you want to contribute and the impact you would like to have.

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