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Spring 2024
LinkedIn Profile Refresh Sale

Standout & get hired.


With more than 95% of recruiters looking to fill positions via LinkedIn,

having a stand-out profile is a must for your job search success.

What are the key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile?

·         Keyword optimized for recruiters' searches.

·         Aligned with your resume to tell a compelling story.

·         Clean, concise, and well laid out.

·         Summarizes your skills and professional value with keyword-rich text.

·         Presents a compelling overview of your work history.

·         Showcases your individuality and generates engagement.

How does a professionally written LinkedIn profile help me?

·         Makes a positive first impression.

·         Increases your visibility and rank higher in search results by highlighting achievements & skills.

·         Facilitates networking and creates connections.

·         Leave a lasting impression of professionalism.

·         Helps you stand out in a competitive job market.

·         Undercuts the stereotype that candidates over 40 lack social media or technological savvy.

What is the difference between my LinkedIn profile and resume?

Your LinkedIn profile is your online work history and professional identity visible to a broad audience. The goal is to get seen, network, join groups, create connections, and share your career-related insights. On the other hand, your resume is a more targeted, concise document tailored towards specific job vacancies and shared during the job application process.

What does this process entail?

·         A detailed questionnaire to define your brand, skillsachievements, career strategy and goals.

·         You will also be asked to provide a copy of your current resume or work history.

·         You can also opt to have a phone consultation. Sometimes, there's more to your story than what fits neatly onto a resume or questionnaire. That's why I offer a personalized phone call consultation for every client. If you have additional insights, accomplishments, or aspirations you want to share, I am all ears.

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