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The Career Pathfinder Series:  Transition, Transform, Reinvent

"Mine is a very personal coaching process.  I take a holistic approach to career exploration. So many elements of your life impact your career (family, finances, health, background, internal scripts, risk tolerance, etc.).  In order to move forward successfully, you need to look back at all relevant issues in your life.  Be prepared to bring your whole self to each assignment and each session and watch how different parts of your life and work intertwine and start to make sense in a new way." - Julie

Career Pathfinder Program

This all-inclusive 

program is specifically designed for the warriors willing to dive deep and partner with me to do the work and walk through the discomfort of recognizing the patterns of behavior that have kept them stuck.

In addition to discovering the optimal role/career for you, this series includes troubleshooting obstacles, examining internal scripts that may be holding you back, and engaging strategies to avoid the most common pitfalls encountered on the journey to enlightenment. 

You will be guided to evaluate a wide range of career factors, including your talents, aptitudes, interests, values, desired impact, and more -  to discover the career that’s the right fit for you.

You will be asked to vastly increase your introspection and self-reflection to discover the essence of who you are. It requires focus, commitment, and a willingness to suspend your current beliefs around what is possible and what is feasible for you.

In This Series You Will:

Confront reality to determine what is working professionally and what is not, review past performance for clues to define your zone of genius, explore your skills, strengths, passions, and interests, define your professional brand, and more! 

  • Gain Clarity by finding the intersection of your skillset, interests,  and reward system

  • Dive deeply into exploring the impact you would like to have on the world and how you can contribute to creating that impact.

  • Optimize your mindset by challenging your fears, redefining success, building lifelong resilience, and supercharging self-improvement.

Living with purpose forces you outside your comfort zone to take risks and achieve meaningful goals that grow your confidence. Discover what you're truly capable of achieving.

A Career With Purpose

Purpose is fundamental and gives life meaning.  This series offers brand-new tools and techniques for unlocking it.


In this fast-paced age, the often overwhelming realities of daily life may leave you feeling uncertain about how to realize your life's true purpose. Studies show that increasing your sense of purpose can improve your health, healing, happiness, longevity, and productivity. 

The Effort vs. Payoff Imbalance

If your current working situation feels like too much work and not enough payoff, it’s time to challenge the status quo.  Nearly 60% of working Americans say they would change career paths if they could do it all over again. Are you one of them?

The process of exploring alternate career options and making a career pivot can feel daunting and risky.  But a well-thought-out strategic move that capitalizes on your strengths, minimizes your weaknesses, and creates new opportunities can be life-changing! You will spend approximately +40 years of your life working.  Devoting that time to something you love will have an immeasurable impact on your quality of life.  Get clear on your ideal career vision.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

It is 100% possible to transition from unemployment, underemployment, an unfulfilling job, personal/professional roadblocks, or situations of uncertainty and burnout, to an ideal career that aligns with your unlimited potential. 

How Do I Find a Meaningful Career?

When contemplating a career transition, having a coach in your corner can be a game-changer. I guide clients to identify their optimal career direction and explore it from a variety of angles to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of their professional life.  A structured career exploration process focuses you on the key elements to consider.

Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons

Your purpose is to learn and evolve on your life journey and teach others, directly and indirectly, through the model of your life. Does your career allow you to do what you do best every day? Too often you can be promoted to positions that benefit your boss or the company but allow your natural talents to go untapped. Most managers are more focused on your immediate performance and how that reflects on them, instead of your development leading you to devote more time fixing your shortcomings than developing your strengths.

 If you want to create meaning in your daily life, be laser-focused, feel passionate about your goals, gain clarity,  tune out distractions, live a value-based life, live with integrity, find your flow in life, have fun, feel fulfilled and content, and experience inner peace, then embark on this Career Pathfinder journey to find your life purpose. Use your unique talents to do work that genuinely makes you happy while positively impacting the world. 

Career Crossroads

Career Clarity

Career Evolution

Life is About Using the Whole Box of Crayons Unlimited Potential with Julie Rose

* * * * *

“Julie has a rare balance to be a highly-skilled writer and coach. And at the same time, be heartfelt and genuine. She uses all of her business, creative and marketing tools to assist you in a desire to take yourself to the next level or in a different direction. Highly skilled, caring, and talented. She is a very valuable asset to have on the road to making a difference in your life." - Ed L

* * * * *

“Julie was great to work with. I needed help determining which way to turn when I was laid off after 24 years with the same company. Her process is a lot like therapy which I wasn't expecting, but it helped me really nail down what I wanted from a new job and life in general.

I've never been good at self-promotion, so working with her was key for me to be able to verbalize all my skills and how they translate across industries. Her process helped me realize that I had much more than I had thought to offer another employer.

She's down-to-earth and real, which appealed to me. She was honest and supportive as well. I feel I made the right decision hiring her and actually already recommended her to several friends and former co-workers." - Melissa T

* * * * *

"A friend of mine recommended her great experience with Julie, and she was right. Julie has amazing insight to quickly understand a situation and help give some potential options. She was also really helpful in helping me uncover some previous goals that seemed appropriate for me to redefine in my career. Julie is a great coach, and her extensive career contributes to her amazing talent to help others really navigate their own. Thanks for being a great partner for me. " – Amirah R

* * * * *

“Being in an established Senior Leadership position for over a decade, I wasn't used to having to navigate a career change. I found Julie's expertise, insight, thoroughness, and products "tools in my arsenal" that I would not want to be without as I being my search in today's employment climate. ” - Corey K

* * * * *

“Julie was wonderful! She really helped me figure out more about myself and which direction I should move in career-wise. She spoke the truth in a kind way - but in a way that was super helpful! I am so grateful for her guidance and help during this time in my life!" - Sara W

* * * * *

“I spent quite a while researching career coaching before deciding to work with Jule.  During our initial phone conversation, I immediately connected with Julie's energy and coaching style. I knew she would be the perfect choice to guide me into my next step in my career.  I was at a crossroads due to some unexpected life changes, and Julie was able to help me figure out where I wanted to land next and define a clearer vision for my future.  We then continued our work to create a resume I'm extremely happy with - I highly recommend her services!" – Blair B

* * * * *

“I really enjoyed going through Julie's exercises as it helped me discover a side of me I didn't acknowledge before.  Sometimes we think we don't have a passion until we do deep introspection and Julie's exercises made me 'dig deep' to get there.  I'm so glass I went through the process with her.  She's also very insightful, honest, and encouraging." – Silvia Z

Career Pathfinder Reviews
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