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College Internship-Ready Resumes

If you're looking for a college internship and want to give yourself plenty of options, it's crucial you make a great first impression. Your resume should capture hiring managers' attention, explore what makes you unique, and entice them to learn more about you.

Stand out at your university career fair and boost your resume appeal to hiring managers!

College Students

Junior & Senior Resumes

Are you heading back to school soon to participate in your universities Career Fair?

Remember, you are competing with not only the students in your university, but also the students at other universities the companies are visiting.  That's a lot of people and makes it difficult to stand out.

Your resume should convey the following:

  • Professionalism

  • Confidence

  • Enthusiasm

  • Positivity

  • Eager to Learn


The content should:

  • Start a strong, compelling objective statement

  • Lead with your strongest asset

  • Present work experience in a way that is relevant for the internship you are seeking

  • Highlight an achievements section with concrete examples

  • Include extracurriculars, volunteer work, odd jobs, hobbies and interests if your have little job experience


All while being:

  • Clean & Simple

  • Concise

  • Relevant to the Specific Internship Opportunity You Seek

  • Results-Oriented

  • Error-Free

It can be hard to write a great resume for yourself.  I see it ALL the time.  We somehow have emotional blinders on when trying to express why we are the best candidate for a job.


Need some help?  Let's connect.


Invest in your future and blow the competition away this fall!  You've got this!

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