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Performance Coaching - Four 60-Sessions

Who Needs a Coach

You will benefit the most from the value of great coaching if you are an entrepreneur, a member of a startup leadership team, a manager or leader in a new role, seeking to move to a new position, or need personal or performance development and improvement.


The truth is, using a coach is not for everyone. To benefit from coaching, you must have a desire to improve, a willingness to learn, an understanding that all growth occurs outside your comfort zone, and be receptive to constructive criticism. 


If you are passionate about improving, learning, and developing – then let’s connect and do this! 

Are you ready to maximize your potential?



How Am I Different?

You will be exposed to new perspectives and receive the benefits of +30 years of executive experience to determine the best path forward. I bring the following to the process:

  • 12 years of Fortune 500 experience working with C-Suite executives
  • 15 years as a CFO of privately held companies
  • 15 years as an Executive Financial Consultant and Strategic Planning expert working with startup and troubled organizations
  • 15 years as a Career Coach and Recruiting Consultant to small- and mid-sized organizations.


* * * * * - C. Kinal

I have had the most wonderful experience with Julie. … Trust her process!! ...   I was completely transparent with the homework and the questions, and although time-consuming really proved to be more than their weight in gold. I recommend that anyone that signs on with Julie to trust her  … She is the real deal and more! …This is incredible career caching...I received a compliment from an organizational leader whom I will be working with who stated that I seemed ready to go and not nervous like she has seen with new leaders in the past. I wholeheartedly would not have had the confidence, trust, or preparation for this new position had I not been connected with Julie. If you are thinking about a career change, need to change directions, need a resume re-write, or interview preparations or want a performance coach by your side, Julie is the way to go! I cannot say enough.


What is ‘Performance Coaching?’ 

At times, we all need a good coach to help us improve. When you work with me, you can pick a particular area you want to focus on, such as


  • Assistance with visualizing your dreams 
  • Developing a vision for success
  • Being motivated, inspired, and guided to see possibilities instead of obstacles
  • Shedding the fear of failure
  • Adopting a “failure is not an option” attitude to make significant changes and accomplish great things.
  • Setting goals
  • Developing specific action plans that will lead to the accomplishment of your goals and objectives
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Developing and enhancing leadership skills
  • Empowering others to be better self-managers and trusted contributors
  • Solving a behavior problem
  • Problem-solving by being guided to ask the right questions to explore the problem fully 
  • Receiving objective, critical feedback
  • Guidance on the root cause assessment of failures
  • Transitioning to new roles
  • How to excel in new roles with new responsibilities
  • Managing change


The possibilities are endless because the coaching is customized for your objectives and goals. 

Performance Coaching - Four 60-Sessions

$600.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
  • Use PayPal Credit at checkout if you are interested in a 6-month interest-free payment plan.


    60-Minute Sessions

    SAVE 20% = Save $30/Session

    Cost Per Session $120/hr for a Total Savings of $120

    A great package for professionals that have a specific problem they want to address, such as dealing with a toxic co-worker or improving communication with their boss. It goes beyond just education to include reviewing progress over time, and fine-tuning behavior as new insights are shared. 

    Four 60-minute Performance Coaching Sessions on the client's choice of topic, self-paced (typically bi-weekly or monthly)


    How Does It Work?

    • ​The client will receive 1+ pre-assignment(s) before each session that must be completed and returned in order to schedule the associated session.​
    • Once completed, the client submits the assignment(s) via email for a brief review to deem the assignment(s) complete. The client is then sent a scheduling link for a ninety-minute 1:1 coaching session.​
    • The client can book the session whenever they wish, depending on calendar availability. (Note: Calendar availability is "typically" booked out 5-10 working days on average but may vary depending on seasonality and demand).​


    Following your purchase -

    Links to download digital files are available on the thank you page at checkout, and you will also receive an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


    The digital files include:

    • Next steps
    • 'What to Expect' Insights
    • Scheduling link for a 30-minute Introductory call (optional)
    • The 1st session pre-assignment to explore your background, objectives, and goals


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