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Tackling Difficult Conversations

Are you tired of avoiding those challenging conversations that weigh you down and hinder your personal and professional growth? Do you find yourself shying away from crucial discussions, knowing deep down that they are necessary for your success?


It's time to gain the skills and confidence to tackle difficult conversations head-on and transform them into opportunities for growth and positive change.

Tackling Difficult Conversations is designed to empower individuals like you to navigate sensitive discussions with ease and effectiveness. In this course, you will discover the secrets to engaging in productive dialogue, even when the subject matter is tough and uncomfortable.  Note:  This coaching series can be used for personal or professional reasons!

Tackling Difficult Conversations

One 90-minute Session

Practical Exercises, Real-Life Scenarios

  • Bring a personal or professional conversation you have been avoiding to the session, and learn how to successfully introduce and navigate the conversation.


There are many reasons why individuals avoid difficult conversations - fear of conflict, the concern of damaging relationships, the stress of confronting your boss, the discomfort of addressing sensitive issues, or simply lacking the necessary communication skills.


However, by avoiding these conversations, you inadvertently create a host of problems that can negatively impact your career or personal life. Issues remain unresolved, and tensions continue to escalate. Misunderstandings persist, leading to decreased productivity and collaboration. Trust erodes, and relationships become strained, ultimately stifling creativity and hindering teamwork. 

In Tackling Difficult Conversations, I will equip you with the tools and strategies to overcome these challenges. You will learn how to prepare for challenging discussions, create a safe and constructive environment, and navigate emotions effectively. Through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, you will develop the skills to communicate assertively, actively listen, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

I will guide you through techniques for managing conflict, diffusing tension, and building stronger relationships through difficult conversations. You will gain insights into non-verbal cues, effective questioning techniques, and strategies for fostering empathy and understanding.

Tackling Difficult Conversations

  • One 90-minute Session

    ​The client will receive a pre-assignment before the session that must be completed and returned in order to schedule the session.​  

    • Once completed, the client submits the pre-assignment via email for a brief review and then is sent a scheduling link for a sixty-minute 1:1 coaching session.​
    • The client can book the session at a time convenient for them, depending on calendar availability. (Note: Calendar availability is "typically" booked out 5-7 working days on average but may vary depending on seasonality and demand).​

    Following your purchase -

    Links to download the session's digital file containing your pre-assignment will be available on the thank you page at checkout, and you will also receive an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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